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Portfolio CD Information

The following are some answers to common questions on the Portfolio CD. Hopefully this will answer some of your questions. Please contact us at Digital Treasures with any further questions.

Why a Portfolio CD ?

Display of images for television viewing

Archive Family photo albums

This disc can be in a flexible multimedia format or collection of photos

Low cost creation of "digital negatives"

Source for high quality reprints

Digital input source for multimedia

Incredible Video Resolution - 16 times greater than most TV receivers currently in use, four times greater than the standards being considered for HDTV. That's because the scanned images contain 18 million pixels of photographic information. So the picture on a TV is sensational today and will only get better as TV's improve

Longevity of stored data

Cross - platform interchangeability

How to play a Portfolio CD

You can view a Portfolio CD on a TV connected to a KODAK Photo CD Player, APPLE PowerCD, 3DO/Panasonic R.E.A.L. and CD-I player. The disc may also be viewed on a computer with a CD ROM drive.*

* IMPORTANT: This disc cannot be play in an audio CD player.

What is a Photo CD image ?

Each image file contains 5 resolutions of the same image. Each resolution has its own purpose. All resolutions are joined into one file and compressed into an approximately 5 MB file.

5 Resolution Photo

Level      Nickname       Scan Lines     File Size   Use
                          X Pixels
Base/16    Wallet         128 x 192      73.7 kb     Low res monitor preview
Base/4     Snapshot       256 x 384      249.9 kb    Thumbnail index prints
Base       Standard       512 x 768      1.1 MB      Standard TV resolution
Base x4    Large         1024 x 1536     4.7 MB      Zoom & view at HDTV res
Base x16   Poster        2048 x 3072     18 MB       High-res output,thermal prints &
                                                     color seps up to 8x10"

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